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3XGear: Tea Titans Wrestling 2021 | 3XGEAR | powered by OrderMyGear (itemorder.com)

Rudis: https://teamgear.rudis.com/t/tea-area-titans-wrestling/?team_id=61761&set_team_auth=1

Rudis Flyer: Rudis TeaArea-OrderForm-2021-2.pdf


Rudis wrestling shoes: The club will be making a team order, you can receive $20 off a pair of Rudis shoes.  Please email jeramie@sio.midco.net with shoe name, size and color. Deadline October 8, 2021



Singlets:  We have 3 options for singlets.  

1) Singlet with Name on Back - $60 - ship time is 5-7 weeks

     - Singlet.docx

2) Singlet, no name - $45, we will buy back for $20 if in good condition (limited quantities available in stock)

     - Tea Titans NoName 18.jpg

3) Old Style Singlet, $20, we will not buy back (limited quantities available) 

Order a new singlet by clicking Registration, Singlet Order.


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